What : Interregional Workshop Textile collections 1/2 / Atelier interrégional Collections textiles 1/2.

When : 26 mars 2018

Where : Rennes (France) > Musée de Bretagne

Who : Musée de Bretagne, Rennes ; Musées de Cholet ; Musée Bigouden, Pont-L’Abbé́ ; Académie de Musique et d’Arts Sacrés ; Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de Saint-Brieuc ; DRAC Bretagne ; Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris ; Musée alsacien, Strasbourg ; Musées de Haguenau ; Maison Bossert, Strasbourg.

Résumé : In 2016 and 2017, the Appearances, bodies & societies Research Interest Group (RIG-Acorso) was approached by several regional society museums about their textile collections, with converging questions around retrospective inventorying.

  • The availability of human resources (working time, scientific skills, etc.);
  • The issue of multilingualism (ancient languages, contemporary local, national, international);
  • Information on the circulation and exchange of clothing and textiles with other regions, French or otherwise;
  • Purposes of the collections (curation, exhibition) which are often examined from a local perspective whereas recent research has highlighted many other possible approaches.

In 2015-2016, a very successful Alsatian initiative allowed for the creation of a textile group connecting several museums, with the support of the DRAC Alsace, for the purpose of  pooling resources (such as photographic campaigns prior to cataloguing, issuing calls for experts, etc.). There remain a number of unresolved scientific questions, which the Group wishes to address through interregional exchanges, for example on the issue of bilingualism, also common in Brittany and Provence, and elsewhere. Indeed, in the Île-de-France region, Brittany, and Provence, even if exchanges between museums are not as extensive, similar questions are being posed.

The overall objective is to define goals and means for interregional cooperation, to raise awareness of local issues and experiences, and to highlight the appropriate contact persons on these issues. The GIS-Acorso is addressing the request of the Textile Group of Alsace and will organize, in Fall 2018, a meeting between researchers from these regional museums. The March 26th workshop is an indispensable intermediate step in the preparation of a second meeting in the Fall, in order to bring together the museums involved and to take stock of everyone’s expectations.

Workshop | Textile collections 1/2
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