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IN2FROCC – International and interdisciplinary network for research on children and clothing

As a significant part of childhood material culture, children’s clothes contribute to shaping their social identity, gender, age, as well as to developing their senses of and supporting their interactions with their environment. The focus on children’s education and well-being has never been so essential, and their voices are emphasised in the design of an inclusive future. Thus the investigation of their clothing behaviour resonates as a way to better understand children’s agency. As the number of projects on children’s heritage and material culture has recently increased, the need to better understand their interactions with clothes is crucial.

This group gathers together historians, anthropologists, sociologists, ethnologists, museum curators, childhood practitioners, designers, industry representatives and children, in an investigation into children’s clothes across the globe, time and social ecosystems. This international and interdisciplinary network seeks to engage in an innovative, inclusive and organic manner with current research on children’s dress codes, fashion and clothes.

In addition, the IN2FROCC group also has a website, on which they will produce an online exhibition in 2022, for their Tell Me project.

Facilitating group:

Laetitia Barbu, Anne-Charlotte Hartmann-Bragard, Petko Hristov, Aude Le Guennec, Maija Nygren, Nicoleta Roman, Clare Rose.

You can consult the IN2FROCC network directory here.

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