The website is a tool developed by the Appearances, Bodies, and Societies Research Interest Group (RIG-Acorso), an international research group focusing on the history and anthropology of dress, fashion and appearances in Western societies, from the Renaissance to the present day.

The site seeks to relay the RIG’s activities and acts as a bridge between researchers, by providing them with an interactive space to discuss scientific news, their individual work programs, and research in progress.

At the heart of ACORSO’s project is a reflection on the construction of identities, and the role played by individual and collective appearances in fashioning them over the last five centuries.

The RIG develops an analysis which sits at the crossroads of the histories of material culture, techniques of the body, and gender. The group’s activities are deliberately multidisciplinary, combining history, ethnography, sociology, art history, and communications studies.

The RIG aims to bring together textual and visual sources with objects from museums and private collections, interrogating their materiality. One of ACORSO’s fundamental objectives is to foster close collaboration between academic research centers and museums (both public and private).

The RIG is a network of researchers from Europe and other continents. It pays particular attention to the diversity of societal issues that involve “appearances” and “identities”, and prioritizes a diversity of methods and approaches. It seeks to use these pluralisms as a platform for new research exchanges.

The Appearances, Bodies, and Societies RIG is hosted by the EA 7468 TEMPORA at the University of Rennes 2 (France).

ACORSO is a group whose goal is to communicate, share and advance research.

The full science project is available here

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