The IN:FaTE Dover project (Interwoven Networks: Fashion and Textiles Exchanges around the Strait of Dover, 15th-20th c.) brings together researchers from the University of Lille (France), the University of Ghent (Belgium) and the University of Kent (UK). The project aims to stimulate transnational exchanges on the history of European fashion and textiles. 

On 17 and 18 March 2022, the Study Days will take place in Lille, marking the beginning of the IN:FaTE Dover project. The topic is the following: study the territories of Northern France, Belgium and South-Eastern England—without presupposing any unity, coherence or historical stability to this space—as fashion territories, i.e. as places of production caught up in the industrial and commercial dynamics of fashion, but also as places of clothing innovation and fashion consumption.

On this occasion, a call for contributions is issued. Papers may address, among other possible topics, the following themes:

– production sites and business models for fashion and textiles

– catalysts of creation and design; design techniques, innovations

– designers and manufacturers living or working in the region

– relations with European or global fashion capitals

– networks and exchanges placing the region in a global context

– circulation of fashion and innovations

– case studies of partnerships, exchanges or collaborations within the area under consideration

– regional consumers

– clothing, textiles, lace and fibers produced in the region

– public or private collections from the region

The communications can take the form of a classic academic communication but can also be presented in the form of a poster, a video, a presentation of a project or a museum collection, a garment analysis, etc.

The deadline for proposals has been extended to 20 November 2021.

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