What : Publication > Terrain Théories : “La Fabrique de la mode”, n°8, novembre 2018.

Who : Coordinated by Anne MONJARET, Kristell BLACHE-COMTE.

Extract : Anne Monjaret, Kristell Blache-Comte, Introduction. The Worlds of fashion.

“To be interested in fashion is not a new curiosity. Who has not flipped through magazines to see, learn or draw on trends? Who has never looked at the shop windows? Who does not buy clothes? In other words, fashion cannot escape us.

The imagery she conveys – her sequins, her glamor, her brands – fascinates as much as she questions or even arouses criticism or indignation. But in the end, what do we know about fashion, about the worlds that make it, about its production and its communication? What do we know about all the professionals involved, each in their own way, to make fashion, a powerful industry and so many other things at once? […]”

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La Fabrique de la mode (Terrains Théories n°8)
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