What : Gabriele Mentges’s new book, titled Textiles as National Heritage:  Identies, Politics and Material Culture

When : 2017

Where : Waxmann, Münster/New York

Who : Gabriele MENTGES & Lola SHAMUKHITDINOVA (Eds.)

Research project in the frame of the topic Between Europe and the Orient. A Focus on Research and Higher Education funded by the VWfoundation Central Asian Textile Arts, Crafts and Design in Motion: Between local contexts and globalization. Series of workshops in Astana/Kasachstan und Taschkent/Usbekistan. 2018/2019 Center for highschool education TU Dortmund

Goal: To evaluate, discuss and develop new concepts regarding the current role and position of the Central Asian heritage of textile crafts and arts in the wider context of globalization. Here, we would like to initiate a discussion about how to challenge established concepts of contemporary modernization.

Gabriele Mentges/ Lola Shamukhitdinova (Eds.). Textiles as National Heritage: Identies, Politics and Material Culture, Münster/New York (Waxmann), 2017.

Publication | Textile as National Heritage
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